I. Program Booklet

II. Presentations and Papers

A. May 12 - Opening Session Day 1

  1. Speaker 1 and
  2. so on
B. Session 1 REI_FTAAP
1. Advancing the Realization of APEC's FTAAP (To download Word file, please click HERE)
     Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
     Australian APEC Study Centre at RMIT University
     Malcolm Cook, Singapore APEC Studies Centre, ISEAS
     Dr. Luan Thuy Duong, Director General, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, MOFA
5. Is the Pacific Alliance a Potential Pathway to the FTAAP? (To download PDF file, please click HERE)
    Camilo Pérez-Restrepo & Adriana Roldan-Pérez
    Asia-Pacific Studies Centre-Universidad EAFIT (Colombia)

C. Session 2 REI_Services
1. Promoting APEC's Connectivity through Trade in Services (To download Word file, please click HERE)
     Hikari Ishido, Professor of International Economics and Director, APEC Study Center, Chiba University, Japan
2. Services, Manufacturing and Productivity (To download PDF file, please click HERE)
     Andre Wirjo, APEC Policy Support Unit
D. Session 3 REI_Trade & Inv Patterns Supply Chain
     Dr. Marissa Maricosa A, Paderon, Assistant Professor, Ateneo de Manila University
2. Foreign Direct Investment Leading Indicators the Case Study of Thailand and Vietnam (To download Word file, please click HERE)
     Dr. Chanin Mephokee, Dr. Anuwat Cholapaisan, APEC Study Center Thammasat University, Thailand
     NAM Sang-yirl, Korea Information Society Development Institute/Waseda University
     A. Balaoing-Pelkmans, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
E. Session 4 SMEs
      Naoyuki Yoshino, Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), Professor Emeritus, Keio University, Japan

     Eunsook Seo, Department of Economics and Finance, Sangmyung University
     Alvin P. Ang, Ph.D., Ateneo de Manila University
     Marife Ballesteros and Sonny Domingo

F. Session 5 HCD


III. May 13 - Opening Session Day 2


     Jennifer Juo, Communications Manager
     APEC Communications and Public Affairs Unit

IX. Session 6 S & R Communities

X. ASCC Business Meeting (To download the attached file, please click HERE)

A. Draft Agenda for ASCC 2015 Business Meeting

B. ASCC Creation and Structure

    Alex Rogers, Director (Program)

C. ASCC 2015 Business Meeting

     Dr. Erlinda M. Medalla, PIDS


XI. May 17 (ASCC Report to PPST15). To dowload the attached file, please click HERE

XII. May 22 (ASCC Report to SOM2). To download the attached file, please click HERE

A. Summary Report and Presentation

B. Executive Summary



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